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Whether you are completely renovating your bathroom or just revamping, another thing to consider is what type of valves to use. You must balance the ones you want for aesthetic reasons and what kind you need based on their functionality and purpose. Despite their size, choosing a quality valve now could save you time and energy later. The purpose of the valves is simple – they stop the water at your fixture so you do not need to disrupt the entire water supply if something needs to be fixed, changed, or unclogged on the unit at some point down the line.

Types of Valves

  • Angle Valve¬†- More often than not, the Angle Valve is used when the water supply is coming from the wall. This creates a situation where the water is diverted at an “angle,” hence the name Angle Valve. This valve also allows for your handles to be horizontal and easily accessible in the event the water supply needs to be stopped.
  • Straight Valve¬†- These are usually used to stop the flow of water in a situation where your water supply is coming from the floor. This allows the flow of water to go completely vertical and the handles you choose (see types below) are easily accessible horizontally.
  • Sweat Valve¬†- The main difference between this valve and the Angle or Straight Valve is that it comes with the accompanying pipe (or “sweat extension”) as well as a flange pre-soldered on to reduce the chance of any leakage. Sweat valves come as both Angle or Straight.

Types of Handles

  • Oval Handle
  • Cross Handle
  • Lever Handle
  • Round Handle
  • Square Handle

Once you decide on the type of valve you need for your bathroom’s setup and the type of handle you want, along picking the finish that will match perfectly with your decor, you are ready to purchase and move forward with your project.