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Bath waste installations just became faster and easier. Introducing the new Mountain DoubleFlex™, the new bath waste system that is designed to handle misalignment problems. The secret is in the patented swivel joints at the overflow head and at the sanitary tee.


We first incorporated this technology over 11 years ago with a swivel joint located at the overflow head; now we have also placed a swivel joint at the sanitary tee. What this means is that there is much more flexibility to compensate for misalignment when installing the bathtub. The DoubleFlex™ is available in both PVC and ABS as well as 3 different cable lengths to be utilized on any size tub.

PVC DoubleFlex Adaptor – View CBWODF-P Product Page


ABS DoubleFlex Adaptor – View CBWODF-A Product Page


Cable Operated Drain with Patented Flexible Overflow Control Neck –

ABS or PVC – Pipe Not Included, View BWO40S Product Page

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