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Decorative Lavatory Drains

One way to truly make your bathroom come to life is to add decorative accents that will be eye-catching as well as unforgettable. These accents are not only found on the larger items such as that perfect vessel sink you found to match the vanity, but also on the more subtle pieces you get in a matching finish – making your space precisely what you’ve always wanted!


Decorative Lavatory Drains could be that missing piece to accent your fixture. There are different types depending on what you want in terms of functionality and what kind of basin you are using.

Types of Decorative Drains for Vessel, Glass, and Lavatory Sinks

  • Fast Flow Angle Top – This drain does not allow for stoppage. The angle and 20 hole opening allows for no clogging or puddling of water and even reduces water spots. It is available with or without an overflow so can be used on any type of sink.
  • Dome Style with EZ-Click™ – This drain has a slightly domed top and can be opened or shut to be completely sealed using the EZ-Click™ drain mechanism. Drain closes with a simple touch of the top of the drain. This style can also come with or without an overflow and be used on any sink.
  • Lift and Turn – This drain has a knob-like feature at the top so you can open and close the drain if you would like to fill the basin.
  • Finger Touch – The Finger Touch drain has a round center piece to close the drain. Flip on its side to let water drain out or flip into a flat position to block the water. It is available with or without an overflow so it can be used on any type of sink.
  • Square Style – A stunning look, available with the EZ-Click™ drain mechanism and option for with or without an overflow.
  • Teardrop Pattern – This drain has a great aesthetic and works quickly to vacate water if no stoppage is needed. The pattern is a fantastic accent and is also angled to prevent water spots.

When you purchase a drain, you will need to know the specifications necessary for the tailpiece so it will fit properly with your fixture. Whether out in the open or fully concealed, having a high quality, matching Decorative Lavatory Drain and trap can bring the entire mood of your space together and allow for peace of mind.