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Special Product Features

Mountain Pure® Water Filtration System

The pinnacle of convenience and satisfaction, Mountain Pure® Water Filtration Systems bring fresh, pristine water to you directly through your own faucets. Access to clean water is of the utmost importance in everyday life, and having the freshest, best-tasting water available anytime can save you both time and money. Just think how much you spend on bottled water from week to week – savings and convenience can be found when you have your own filtration system. The Mountain Pure® Water Filtration System allows you to enjoy clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and even face-washing when you add it to your bathroom.


Try filtered water in your bathroom, ideal for late night thirst. Pure, crisp water for brushing teeth, face washing and makeup removal. Absence of harsh minerals and chemicals leaves your skin feeling revitalized and smooth. Achieve a better complexion.


Mountain Pure® Filter Features:

  • More efficient and clog resistant – unique filter media created by attaching powdered activated carbon and lead absorbent material onto a cellulose-free synthetic fiber matrix
  • Filter removes 99.9% of particles over .5 microns
  • Filter incorporates an anti-microbial agent to reduce bacteria
  • Anti-scale media for protection against scale build-up on the faucet and inside of the hot tank
  • 1000 or 1250 gallon capacity lasts 9 months to 1 year based on average usage
  • Operates without wasting water like R.O. filters


Mountain Pure® Carbon Filtration Systems comes with a carbon filter cartridge that incorporates powder activated carbon and a bacteriostatic agent that protects it from bacteria growth. 1/4 Turn automatic shut-off valve allows for easy replacement and eliminates the usual mess of replacing filters. (Available with MT1250XL)


The Mountain Pure ceramic filter systems MT660 and MT662-2 enable cost savings due to the cleaning capabilities of the ceramic.


Absolute Filtration: One micron is 1/1000 of a millimeter. The diameter of a human hair is 50 microns, while the smallest that the naked eye can see is 20 microns. The Mountain ceramic is 0.9 microns absolute. Therefore, nothing larger than 0.9 microns will pass thru the filter. Aluminum, Lead, and Iron are heavy metals that are dangerous to the human body. The ion exchange media within the filter will reduce these dangers by 98.3%


On Demand: From a glass of water to gallons of water, the Mountain Pure® unit has water available on demand whenever it is needed. A reverse osmosis system lacks the capacity to fulfill your daily drinking demands.


Low Cost: Using only a maximum of two filters per year, the ceramic filter is cleanable! If it gets clogged up with sediment or rust, just remove the filter, wipe it with a scotchbrite pad and put it back in the housing. Plus, the Mountain Pure® unit wastes no water, compared to the reverse osmosis unit that wastes 3-4 gallons for every 1 gallon treated.


Retain Existing Minerals: It is widely recognized that most individuals don’t maintain the correct levels of essential minerals in their bodies. Reverse osmosis systems remove all trace minerals like Calcium and Magnesium completely. Do you want your water system to remove beneficial and necessary minerals?


Self Sterilizing: The ceramic filter incorporates a bacteriostatic agent that protects it from bacterial growth. The powdered activated carbon filter incorporates an anti-microbial agent that protects it from bacterial growth. No reverse osmosis system at present can claim that! Great tasting water when you need it, without waste, additional water costs, expensive bottled water, or electrical cost.


Chemicals: Most municipalities have taken care of herbicides/pesticides that may have made their way into the drinking water supply. The Mountain Pure® Water Filtration Systems will handle the trace chemicals which may or may not be present in your water.


The Mountain Pure® Water Filtration Systems do not require electricity and will work with extremely low water pressure. A reverse osmosis system will not work without regulated pressure due to the membranes’ workings. During power outages and water pressure loss, you can still use your Mountain Pure® unit.

Impurities Removed:

  • Prevents Scale
  • Chlorine
  • Bad Tastes/Odors
  • Chloramines
  • Dirt and Rust
  • Giardia Lambia Cysts
  • Cryptosporidium Cysts
  • Molds and Algae
  • Asbestos Fibers
  • Oxidized Iron
  • 99.9% of All Particles .5 Microns & Larger
  • Lead
  • Trihalomethanes
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals
  • Removes Turbidity
  • Removes Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Leaves Essential Minerals Intact
  • Self Sterilizing
  • Leaves Natural Minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium

Mountain Pure® removes a plethora of impurities, leaving you with water that is safer and better tasting than tap or bottled water – and it is available to you at anytime! Try Mountain Pure® today and you will never want to go back.