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Project Planning with Mountain Plumbing

How to use the Fixture Diagrams

Want to ensure you have everything you need? Our easy-to-use, easy-to-print fixture diagrams will make planning and purchasing a snap. Fixture diagrams show you what plumbing parts you will need for each finished fixture in your kitchen or bath. Included are written keys so you know exactly what each item is. After selecting exactly which pieces you need (along with the finishes you want), simply write in the part number and take to your sales rep to begin your project!


Mountain Plumbing Products are the finishing touch to any project

For unparalleled quality and paramount style in plumbing products, Mountain Plumbing Products has everything you need. With a wide variety of finishes and styles, you can get all of the perfect pieces to make your bathroom or kitchen complete. Don’t let the purchasing of these pieces be left up to the plumber! You may have to have work done sooner than you’d like if they opt for inexpensive, low quality parts. Find your own style and have a long-lasting solution with high quality Mountain Plumbing Products – the finishing touch on any project!


Browse our products in two convenient ways!

Now there are two convenient ways to browse our products and achieve the ultimate design in your kitchen and bath fixtures. You can search by fixture you’re installing…like a kitchen sink or toilet. Find all of the accompanying pieces you will need for your project with our easy-to-use diagrams. Or you can search for an individual product if you know exactly what you need. No matter which method you choose, you will be sure to find exactly what you need and want from Mountain Plumbing Products.


“Locate a Rep” for Mountain Plumbing Products

It has never been easier to find your regional contact and get all of your questions answered than with our “Locate a Rep” feature. Just select your country and state, then a list of all the Mountain Plumbing Products manufacturer’s representatives in your area will come up. You can find someone in your local area who is just right for your type of project and needs.


Easy Installation: Mountain Pure®, The Little Gourmet®, and Mountain Chill®

Mountain Plumbing Products is pleased to present top quality water appliances that not only make everyday life easier, but that are quick and easy to install. The Mountain Pure® Water Filtration System, The Little Gourmet® Heating Tank, and The Mountain Chill® Water Chiller all fit conveniently in your sink cabinet and out of sight. They require little additional plumbing and are a fantastic addition to any kitchen space!


Live Chat with Mountain Plumbing!

Do you have questions about our products or your current project? With Live Chat you can get answers or direction right away! It’s customer service right at your keyboard. Please click on the bottom in the bottom right corner of the page to speak with us now. After hours, you can leave a message and we’ll get back to you just as soon as possible – or if you prefer a more traditional route, call customer service at (972) 456-3273.

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