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Toilet Tank Levers

The toilet tank lever is what is used to flush the water from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl and then move the water waste into the sewer system. These levers are also a simple way to add another small but powerful design feature. There are tank levers that match the finish and design of every bathroom style, and a new toilet tank lever could be just the thing to pull your bathroom’s perfect look together!

Why Get a New Lever When My Toilet Already Comes With One?


The two biggest reasons not to use the stock lever are:

  • Quality can be sub-standard with stock plastic parts. They can more easily break and your toilet may need servicing.
  • The stock lever can be unattractive and not match any other part of your newly designed or renovated bathroom. Toilet levers are available in different styles and finishes to perfectly match the rest of your lavatory fixtures.

There are decorative toilet levers that correspond with all the major toilet brands so it is easy to find one that fits and looks great. It is these little quality touches that can truly make a space what you’ve always wanted it to be.

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