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Shower Drains

You can now get a drain that is not only functional, but one that adds to the decor and overall feel of your bathroom space. Our shower drains are elegant, beautiful and functional allowing a choice of design to suit any bathroom style.


There are two factors you need to consider when buying a drain:

  • The design/shape of cover you would like
  • The type of body or base you need to install it with


There are a variety of designs and finishes to choose from when looking for a new shower drain. Our newly added Mountain Re-Vive™ shower drains come in 5 styles. Enjoy the classic look of the Basket Weave or Tile-In options, or style the shower with the contemporary look of Flow, Dreamtime or Linear designs.


Additionally, if you have a tile shower, you may choose to opt for a square drain neck to avoid having to do additional tile cutting upon installation. This shape creates a clean and elegant look as well as it sits in the tile.