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Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer

The Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer (more commonly known as a garbage disposal), can make everyday food preparation and clean up in your kitchen quick and easy. The Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer has a high-torque electric motor with blades that spin to chop up food and other waste so it is small enough to fit down the kitchen drain. The disposer is located just beneath your kitchen sink.

Traditional garbage disposals are operated with a switch with two kinds of switches available. The first is a traditional wall switch. The second is a safer “air switch” that makes electric shock virtually impossible as it delivers a puff of air to operate the machine. The Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer attaches to an air switch that can be matched with the rest of your fixtures and decor.

There are either “batch feed” disposers or “continuous feed”. With a continuous feed model, waste is fed in after the unit is started. Continuous feed models are more common. Batch feed models are used by placing the waste inside before they are started then they can be turned on once a cover is put in place.


The Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer is a quality unit and is antimicrobial for odor protection. This is important when various types of waste are going down the disposer so you can maintain a pleasant kitchen environment. Getting a high quality disposer is highly recommended for ease of use and you will surely want one that will last you for years to come.