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Toilet Supply Kits & Parts

The toilet supply is a crucial part of making your toilet work. They are the component parts that supplies the water and allows you to both flush the toilet as well as turn off the water in the event that work needs to be done. For ease of purchasing and installation, you can get a kit that includes all the quality parts you need.


One advantage to buying a kit is that it becomes a sort of turn-key solution for installing your new fixture. It includes all the pieces necessary so nothing is forgotten when you get to the jobsite. You also don’t have to be concerned with matching the finish or size compatibility.

What is Included in a Toilet Supply Kit?

  • Either a straight, angled, or sweat valve – has a knob where the water is turned off or on
  • Either a rigid or corrugated supply tube – attaches to the valve and is where the water comes from the main supply
  • Flange – goes around the supply tube at the wall to keep the tube straight and make the wall site look more attractive
  • Pipe Nipple – this is a pipe that extends from the water line to reach the valve

Different Types of Kits

It is always important to purchase quality parts for the longevity of your fixture. If quality parts are used you can find the perfect combination of a pleasing aesthetic for your bathroom and functional longevity, thus reducing the amount of work that may need to be done in the future.