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Lavatory Supply Kits & Parts

The lavatory supply is the pair of plumbing parts that supply the hot and cold water to your bathroom sink. There are valves so you don’t have to cut off the main supply when work needs to be done on the unit. Available in a variety of colors, they can be both decorative and functional. Getting quality parts for your fixture is very important as it will ensure your sink is usable for a long time to come.


Purchasing a lavatory supply kit is an easy way to ensure that you have all the items you need and that they will match for a great look. This is especially important if you have an exposed fixture.

What Comes in a Lavatory Supply Kit?

  • 2 of Either a straight, angled, or sweat valve – have knobs where the water is turned off or on
  • 2 of Either a rigid or corrugated supply tube – attach to the valves and are where the water comes from the main supply
  • 2 Flanges – go around the supply tube at the wall to keep the tubes straight and make the wall sites look more attractive
  • 1 of Either a P-Trap or a Bottle trap depending on your preference
  • Pipe Nipple – this is a pipe that extends from the water line to reach the valve

Different Types of Kits

It is always important to purchase quality parts for the longevity of your fixture. If a quality kit is used you can find the perfect combination of a beautiful, memorable aesthetic for your bathroom while reducing the amount of work that may need to be done in the future.