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Water Filtration

Using a water filter in your kitchen or bathroom can be a great way to conveniently have the impurities removed. You can enjoy fresh, purified water at your fingertips – anytime. Having clean water around can be a great addition to daily life and is perfect for: Drinking Water, Brushing Teeth, Face Washing, and Makeup Removal.

The Mountain Pure® Water Filter System removes 99.9% of particles over .5 microns and is anti-microbial to reduce bacteria. This is an unprecedented amount for both drinking and face washing, making it a fantastic addition to any home. It eliminates the need for bottled water which saves a great deal of money as well as reduces the waste of the bottles that are not recycled.

Filtering your water is especially important in order to remove lead. Household Lead in drinking water accounts for 10-20% of human exposure. Major sources of lead in your drinking water can be found in your home’s plumbing system. Lead can leach into your water from pipes, solder, and faucets. Homes built prior to 1986 may have 20% or more lead in their plumbing system. Lead can be found in newer homes as well. Until June 2014, the legal limit for “lead-free” pipes was up to 8%. (Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Faucets and Water Appliances

There are specific faucets to go with premium hot water heaters and water chillers for your kitchen. Hot water heaters and water chillers can be a very convenient way to add a functional style feature to your kitchen. Just imagine having a piping hot cup of tea or hot cocoa instantly or a chilled cup of water anytime you’d like!

The accompanying faucets come in a variety of styles and finishes to match any type of decor and create any type of look you might want.

The Little Gourmet® Heating Tank has a myriad of uses and is amazingly energy efficient!

  • Boil Water Faster – Starting off with Little Gourmet hot water will lead to quicker boiling water
  • Instant Water for Tea & Coffee – Quickly and easily make the perfect cup
  • Clean Stubborn Stuck-on Messes – Difficult to clean dishes and utensils become easy with the cleaning power of instant hot water at your fingertips
  • Warm Baby Food and Bottles – Little Gourmet hot water can quickly and safely warm baby food and bottles
  • Loosen Jar Lids – Place the top of a jar briefly under the Little Gourmet to aid in removing difficult to open jar lids
  • First Aid – Use Little Gourmet hot water to create a hot compress for quick pain relief
  • Remove Labels from Bottles – A quick run under Little Gourmet hot water will remove labels and residue
  • Remove Wax – Instant hot water from the Little Gourmet is perfect for removing wax from candle holders
  • Melt Chocolate – Quickly create a double boiler with the Little Gourmet hot water to melt chocolate to perfection
  • Warm Cooking Utensils – Use the Little Gourmet to warm beaters for creaming butter, a knife for cutting cheeses, or an ice cream scoop to make scooping easier

Mountain Chill® Water Chiller cools your water so you can have a clean and refreshing drink anytime you’d like! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have ice cold water anytime you want without having to wait for it to cool down? An instantly perfect cup of lemonade or ice tea made with the Mountain Chill® Water Chiller is the refreshing way to cool down on a hot summer day. Mountain Chill® hides cleanly and simply beneath the sink and provides 3 gallons (per hour) of crisp, cool water from your own faucet.

  • Instant Cold Water – Don’t wait for ice cubes to cool down your drinks
  • Cold Water for Cooking – Have chilled water between 41° to 50° F instantly for your recipes
  • Cool Down Food – When blanching vegetables or fruit have cold already ready to go
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