The Space Saving STEALTH Disposer as Part of the Kitchen Sink Suite

Did you know there is an easy way to simplify the kitchen sink installation process? There is with the STEALTH!

Mountain Plumbing is introducing new Complete Kitchen Sink Packages that pair the STEALTH Disposers with air switches and sink strainers. Our goal is to remove the confusion once the kitchen sink is actually ordered and to prevent inferior products from being installed on a beautiful new sink. You can then take it a step further by adding to your cooking toolkit by combining purely filtered, instant hot and/or on-demand cold water with the lifetime warranty garbage disposers.

This luxurious Kitchen Sink Suite is all made possible by the innovative STEALTH Disposers that have been designed to be more than 40% less in size than the competition. Just look at all of that space savings inside the kitchen cabinet!

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Perfect Grind® STEALTH 580 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 5/8 HP

Perfect Grind® STEALTH 750 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 3/4 HP

Perfect Grind® STEALTH 1250 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1-1/4 HP

STEALTH Disposers are designed to fit in areas where space is limited, but don’t let its size fool you! Under the hood you’ll find an impressive high RPM permanent magnet motor – which means high torque and better performance.

Click the button below to download our informational sheet comparing the Perfect Grind® STEALTH Waste Disposer to a leading competitor in the industry. Discover the multiple features that outperform the competition and all come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Maximize Under Sink Storage with Included STEALTHTRAP

Mountain Plumbing wants to make sure customers maximize their space savings under the kitchen sink so every STEALTH Disposer model includes a complementary STEALTHTRAP. This product directs the plumbing to that back of the cabinet when orientating the disposer discharge tube properly.

The kit includes everything needed to hook up a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sink and then connect to a garbage disposer.