Setting the Stage for Luxury: Introducing the Mountain Plumbing LookBook

Choose A Fixture,
Then Design A Lifestyle

After being introduced and teased at our KBIS Sales Meeting, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest marketing tool: the Mountain Plumbing LookBook.

This LookBook marks a significant milestone in our strategy moving forward. It represents a rebranded, refocused approach to showcasing our premium kitchen products. By presenting these items in real-life lifestyle settings, we aim to enhance their appeal as luxurious additions to any homeowner’s kitchen.

Redefine What Is Possible For The Kitchen Sink!

The kitchen has become more than just the basics – a faucet, a sink, appliances – and designers must now consider other elements when designing this space. Mountain Plumbing brings together the best of functionality and style with its line of high-quality water appliances and accessories to create the lifestyle and overall kitchen experience you desire.

With Mountain Plumbing’s LookBook, designers gain access to a curated collection of products that seamlessly blend functionality with style. From luxurious accessory faucets to innovative sink solutions, the LookBook offers inspiration and guidance to help designers create the lifestyle their clients dream of. Explore the possibilities for crafting a kitchen space that is so much more than just the faucet and sink!

STEALTH Waste Disposers

More Power. Less Space.

Little Gourmet® Hot Tank

Hot On Demand.

Mountain Pure® Filtration

Fresh & Pristine Water.

Mountain Chill® Water Chiller

Chill On Demand.

Accessory Faucets

This collection pairs with the main faucet to bring purely filtered, instantly hot or cold water to your kitchen sink.

Air Switches

Provide safe and convenient waste disposer activation right from your countertop with a simple push of a button.

Glass Rinser

Uses high-pressure water spray to replace bottle brushing and tedious scrubbing of your glassware and water bottles.

Kitchen Accessories

With multiple styles, you can choose accessories to match your exact needs and style preferences.

LookBooks Are Being Distributed Now!

Our Rep Agencies are hitting the road now and distributing the new Mountain Plumbing LookBook to our customers! When visiting a location, they will conduct a brief product knowledge meeting to help explain how this marketing piece is going to help their showroom sales. With business slowing down in regions, this is a great way to sell more Mountain Plumbing which in turn greatly boosts the gross margin percent of the project.

These marketing pieces are intended to be utilized by both the showroom consultant and homeowner. We welcome the homeowner to take the LookBook with them to help make their decision in adding our luxury, high-performance water appliances to their kitchen design and lifestyle. Our goal is to help the homeowner discover all that is possible with Mountain Plumbing.

We are especially excited to introduce two new products for 2024: the Glass Rinser and Single Lever Hot & Cold Accessory Faucet. These items blend both functionality with convenience to give homeowners even more options for designing their kitchen sink space. The Glass Rinser will be available for shipping during Q3 and the Single Lever Faucet will be available this coming June.

It is time for Mountain Plumbing to step out of the box of only being identified as the “special finishes” company, and this is a step in that direction. Please CONTACT US today to learn more about all that Mountain Plumbing has to offer so your customers can truly design a kitchen sink lifestyle!