Complementary Products Enhance the Design and Functionality of the Kitchen Sink

Elevating Your Kitchen Sink Experience: Think Beyond Faucets and Sinks with Mountain Plumbing’s Water Appliances

The kitchen sink is the heart of any culinary space, where meals are prepared, dishes are washed, and memories are made. But beyond its practical function, the kitchen sink also serves as a focal point of design, adding style and personality to the heart of the home. However, too often homeowners focus only on choosing the faucet and sink while neglecting the essential items that make this a truly useful workstation.

With Mountain Plumbing’s line of high-end water appliances, these complementary products take center stage and demonstrate how picking the right ones can truly make a difference. Incorporate high-performance waste disposers, instant hot or cold water dispensers, and filtration for clean water – these products that will enhance both the design and functionality of the kitchen sink, transforming it into a true centerpiece of your home.

STEALTH Waste Disposers

Tailored for kitchen cabinets with limited space, this compact disposer unit is a perfect fit for any home. Don’t be deceived by its small size; this disposer delivers exceptional power. Beneath its sleek exterior lies a high RPM permanent magnet motor, designed to quickly reach full torque, resulting in finer grinding and reduced energy consumption.

Little Gourmet® Instant Hot Tank

Discover the luxury of instant hot water with the Little Gourmet® Hot Tank. Say goodbye to waiting for hot water and hello to convenience with this sleek, modern fixture. Imagine having piping hot water readily available at your fingertips, allowing you to spend less time waiting. Solve countless everyday kitchen tasks effortlessly – from speeding up cooking to enhancing cleaning efficiency.

Mountain Pure® Water Filtration

Streamline your routine, budget, and environmental footprint with the purity of filtered water available from both your main and accessory faucets. Experience the ultimate convenience and satisfaction of having access to fresh, pristine water whenever you need it. Additionally, opting for a water filtration system is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing bottled water, all while playing a part in reducing plastic waste in landfills and oceans.

Mountain Chill® Water Chiller

Curious about the convenience of having instant access to ice cold water whenever you desire? Look no further than Mountain Chill®. This innovative system delivers up to 3 gallons of refreshingly chilled water per hour, ranging between 41°F and 50°F. It’s perfect for preparing the ideal pitcher of your favorite beverage or aiding in meal prep. For added convenience, the Mountain Chill® can be easily paired with filtration and instant hot water systems.

MTSINK Installation Packages

Discover an effortless solution to simplify your kitchen sink installation process with the Complete Kitchen Sink Packages from Mountain Plumbing. These product collections pair STEALTH Disposers with air switches and sink strainers and are available in multiple finish options. Our goal is to eliminate post-order confusion and ensure that only top-quality products are installed on your beautiful new sink. Then take your kitchen to the next level by adding purely filtered, instant hot, and/or on-demand cold water options alongside our lifetime warranty waste disposers.