The Tub Docking Station is the DPHA 2022 “Product of the Year – Mechanical” WINNER!

Mountain Plumbing Products Receives Award at DPHA’s 2022 Conference & Product Showcase in New Orleans

We are very proud to announce that our Tub Docking Station was awarded the “Product of the Year” in the “H2O Delivery – Mechanical” category by the Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association (DPHA). We are honored to receive this recognition for the development of the Tub Docking Station. Our goal was always to create the ultimate solution to quickly and easily install freestanding bathtubs with integral overflows. Each aspect of this product was designed to make this process less cumbersome and eliminate the difficult lifting, lowering, and tilting involved with typical installation.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share the benefits of the Tub Docking Station and demonstrate how valuable it can be for freestanding bathtub installations. This product solves common issues that are associated with this task and makes life easier for the plumber, homeowner, and showroom. Now it’s time for you to discover what makes this product so special!

Schedule an In-Person Tub Docking Station Demonstration Today

Our Regional Sales Managers and Territory Reps are ready to show you all the features and benefits of the Tub Docking Station! The Tub Docking Station provides an opportunity to “complete the sale” by helping to ensure your customer is completely satisfied with their freestanding bathtub purchase. When using this product, the plumber will experience an easier installation process with less of a risk of damaging the new tub. Bathroom renovations can be stressful, but our hope is that with this innovative solution at least the bathtub going into place won’t be.

The Tub Docking Station is a product that is a natural fit to be placed on orders, with no questions asked, as it is imperative for freestanding tub installation.

Please CONTACT US today to learn more about stocking the Tub Docking Station in your showroom and make sure you can offer one with every new freestanding bathtub that is ordered!

Installing a Freestanding Tub – the “Old Way” Versus the “Tub Docking Station Way”

In our video we present the “Old Way” of installing a freestanding tub versus the new and innovative “Tub Docking Station Way”. The problem and struggle with freestanding tub installation is the process of trying to move and position the big, heavy, expensive tub with precision to the rough-in. Instead, our product allows you to have the tailpiece installed in the floor and then you simply slide the tub into place.

Our whiteboard animation is a great tool to learn how the old way of installing a freestanding tub has been revolutionized with our product. Then when meeting in-person, our team will demonstrate exactly how the Tub Docking Station works and how the special display can become a great selling tool.

In stock and ready to ship for you to provide customers this innovative solution to quickly and easily install freestanding bathtubs whenever they make a purchase!