STOP Tilting That Expensive Freestanding Bathtub On Its Side!

Eliminate the Problems, Start Using the Hassle-Free Tub Docking Station

Installing a freestanding bathtub the traditional way isn’t overly complex, but it can be cumbersome and prone to errors, especially when compared to the ease of using the Tub Docking Station. Mountain Plumbing Products has engineered the Tub Docking Station as the ultimate solution for the quick and simple installation of freestanding bathtubs with integral overflows. This innovative product addresses common issues associated with the installation process, making life easier for plumbers, homeowners, and showrooms alike.

The traditional way of installing a freestanding tub requires the tilting of the big, heavy, expensive tub on its side multiple times. The main challenge then becomes how difficult it is to move and precisely position the tub to the rough-in – which is often being done in tight spaces where getting multiple people around the tub is nearly impossible. But Mountain Plumbing has found a better way and our Tub Docking Station eliminates this struggle by allowing the tailpiece to be installed in the floor first, so you can then effortlessly slide the tub into place.

Got Island Drain Installation Problems… Not With Mountain Plumbing!

Our Tub Docking Station provides the ultimate solution for seamless freestanding bathtub installations, especially when dealing with the complexities of island drain setups. With our innovative system, the tailpiece is installed directly into the floor, allowing you to effortlessly slide the tub into place.

A Patented Design Makes the Tub Docking Station More Than a Typical “Island Drain”

Unlike standard systems, our patented design of the Tub Docking Station allows for the tailpiece to be securely installed into the floor instead of onto the underside of the bathtub itself. This advanced approach streamlines installation, enabling the tub to be effortlessly positioned without the usual hassle.

How Many Plumbers Do You Need to Install a Freestanding Tub?

With Mountain Plumbing’s Tub Docking Station, it’s a lot less than you think! This innovative solution simplifies the process, allowing only a few plumbers to easily and securely install a freestanding bathtub, making complicated installations and needing multiple workers a thing of the past.

Don’t Install Freestanding Bathtubs Without a Tub Docking Station

This essential tool from Mountain Plumbing simplifies the installation process, ensuring a secure and accurate fit every time. Make your job easier and your results flawless with the Tub Docking Station. Experience the convenience and reliability that professionals trust for every installation.