The Rain Rail Plus Upgrades Your Shower Without Tearing Into the Wall

Easily Convert Your Shower into a Spa-like Experience!

The Rain Rail Plus is the newest addition to the Mountain Re-Vive™ Shower Collection and has been designed to make your bathroom remodel simple and effortless by avoiding unnecessary alterations to the tile, the plumbing behind the wall, or changing out the valve. Simply mount the Rain Rail Plus to the existing single shower head outlet, and now your shower has transformed into a customized dual outlet showering experience equipped with rain head and hand shower.

The Rain Rail Plus’ adjustable slide rail bracket allows for easy height and angle adjustment to your hand shower. Toggling between rain head and hand shower functions is made easy with the diverter being located at the base of the rail. The product is made of brass construction, measures 33 1/8″ High x 16 1/2″ Deep, and comes complete with mounting hardware for easy installation.

Read the complete Rain Rail Plus (MTRRP) product description to learn more: CLICK HERE

Pair with New Multi-Function Hand Showers

Pair the Rain Rail Plus with our new Multi-Function Hand Showers featuring three functions: spray, mist, or both. Available in Round or Square, each hand shower features a thumb clicker button that toggles between spray modes, interior lining that prevents scalding, and an ergonomic 15 degree bend.

With Mountain Plumbing’s latest additions to the Re-Vive™ Collection, you can easily remodel your shower and elevate your bathing experience!

Read the complete Multi-Function Hand Shower product descriptions to learn more: CLICK HERE (Round MT10HSMF) & CLICK HERE (Square MT11HSMF)