Mountain Chill® Water Chiller – The Benefits of Having On-Demand Cold Water

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have ice cold water anytime you want?

People often take for granted that cold water will come out of their faucet right when they turn it on. However this is not always the case, especially on a hot summer day when it takes time to cool down after sitting in those water supply pipes that have been heated by the sun. What if you could have water that was instantly ice cold instead? With the Mountain Chill® Water Chiller you can!

Mountain Plumbing offers this product to bring an added amenity to your lifestyle when using your kitchen sink. With a compact design, the Mountain Chill® unit hides cleanly and simply beneath the sink. This water appliance provides 3 gallons per hour of crisp, cool water from your own faucet. Having the Mountain Chill® Water Chiller in your home is the ultimate in convenience by providing cold water for drinks and chilled water for cooking…all in an instant!

Is it really necessary to have on-demand cold water? What are the benefits?

You might be thinking to yourself that having instant cold water isn’t necessary, but once you consider adding the Mountain Chill® to your daily routine you will understand the many benefits!

To begin with, you will instantly have cold water for drinks like lemonade and iced tea. Also, there will no longer be a need to add ice cubes to cool down drinks…you don’t have to worry about buying costly bags of ice or thinking what would happen if your ice maker breaks.

Using chilled water when cooking can also assist in giving you better food preparation techniques. Some uses include shocking vegetables to instantly stop the cooking process; using cold water to cool foods to the proper temperature faster; making things like hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and peaches easier to peel; and refreshing lettuce and herbs that appear wilted. Once you incorporate chilled water into your cooking routine the possibilities are endless.

There are also health benefits that come from drinking cold water as your body reacts to ingesting it. People can experience increased weight loss and higher metabolism, the ability to workout longer without becoming drained, and feel added adrenaline production to stay alert and ease pain. Ice cold water can also be a better way to rehydrate and detoxify your body.

This is just the beginning of how incorporating more ice cold water can become beneficial to your life. Mountain Plumbing hopes you consider adding the Mountain Chill® Water Chiller to discover the convenience and life enhancement this product can provide.

Mountain Chill® Product Details

Please click below to download our informational sheet that discusses all of the features and details of the Mountain Chill® Water Chiller. Find out how you can have 3 gallons (per hour) of crisp, cool water from your own kitchen faucet!

Product Details: MT670-2

  • Cools Your Water to Between 39.2° F to 50° F
  • Large 1/2 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
  • Chills Up to 3 Gallons Per Hour
  • Lead Free Construction
  • Attaches to Point-of-Use Accessory Faucet
  • Compact Design to Fit Under Sink – 16″ Wide x 10-1/8″ High x 11-3/4″ Deep
  • 3 Year Compressor Warranty
  • C-UL-US, CE, CB Certification
  • Reverse Osmosis Safe

Use the Mountain Chill® with Other Kitchen Sink Suite Products

Consider pairing the Mountain Chill® with the Mountain Pure® Filtration System so cold, clean, pure water can be yours to enjoy anytime day or night. Then above the sink, utilize a Mountain Plumbing Point-of-Use Accessory Faucet to have this water easily accessible and on demand. Available in a number of styles and finishes, these faucets are designed to work seamlessly with this water chiller.

You may also purchase this water chiller as part of our “Complete Chef” Kitchen Sink Suite installation package. The Mountain Chill® will help to create the ultimate cooking experience in your home!

Complete Chef

Combine purely filtered and instant hot or cold water to create the ultimate kitchen sink suite.

Kitchen Sink Suite: “Complete Chef”

Preconfigured installation package includes: