Why Didn’t the Plumber Use a Tub Docking Station?

Why didn’t the installers use a Tub Docking Station? Now there’s a crack in my bathtub!

If a plumber knows about the Tub Docking Station, there is no excuse for them to not use one during the bathtub installation process. Mountain Plumbing has developed the Tub Docking Station to eliminate the tilting, lifting, and lowering involved when installing freestanding tubs. This makes it safer and easier to install, along with reducing the risk of damage, which is good for the plumber and customer.

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Installing a freestanding tub the traditional way isn’t super complicated, but it is cumbersome and a lot can go wrong.

Please download our “Freestanding Tub Installation Comparison” sheet to learn more about the differences when using the Tub Docking Station from Mountain Plumbing Products!

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