Food Scrap Grinding Capabilities Video for the STEALTH Waste Disposers

Grind All of Your Food Scraps, No Questions Asked, with the STEALTH Waste Disposers!

In our demonstration video, you can see a sampling of the dozens of food scraps that the STEALTH Waste Disposers can handle. In under a minute, a sink overflowing with discarded vegetables, fruits, and chicken wing bones is ground up into fine particles. Instead of creating more garbage for the landfill, all this food waste is disposed of down the kitchen sink drain. Imagine the convenience and simplicity of adding a high-performance STEALTH Waste Disposer to your meal-prep and clean-up routine!

The STEALTH 750 Waste Disposer

turns all these food scraps…

…into finely ground particles

in just under a minute!

High Torque Means Virtually Jam-Free Versatility!

Mountain Plumbing’s STEALTH Disposers have been designed to handle a larger variety of food scraps while being more than 40% smaller in size than the competition. Under the hood you’ll find an impressive high RPM permanent magnet DC motor that reaches full torque faster for finer grinding and less energy consumption.

Our high-speed permanent magnet motors also provide unparalleled jam-free performance. No jamming key and no antiquated auto-reverse are needed. You no longer have to worry about what food scraps are safe to go down the disposer and which ones are not – the STEALTH can grind them all.

The Perfect Grind® STEALTH Food Waste Disposer Can Grind Them All!

Chicken Bones

Banana Peels

Melon Rinds

Nut Shells

Vegetable Scraps

Meat Scraps

Corn on the Cob

Fruit Pits

Apple Cores

Coffee Grounds

Fish Bones

Egg Shells

Additional Features of the STEALTH Series

The 3 models of STEALTH Disposers are available in 5/8, 3/4, and 1-1/4 horsepower. Typical waste disposers containing these larger denominations of horsepower have traditionally been housed in a large, bulky shell which absorbs a significant amount of undersink space. The Perfect Grind® STEALTH Series however has more power and torque with a 41% smaller footprint under the sink compared to the leading competition. Each model only measures 5-5/16″ wide with a height between 12-1/8″ and 14-5/8″.

There is no name stamped into the rim of the flange, creating a smooth, clean look when installed. Every unit features stellar antimicrobial technology for odor protection. These disposers are also septic safe because all it takes is one pass of the high torque motor and food is ground finely, making it septic-ready, with no additional chemicals needed. And of course, all the STEALTH Disposers are backed by Mountain Plumbing’s Lifetime Warranty!

Perfect Grind® STEALTH 580 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 5/8 HP

Perfect Grind® STEALTH 750 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 3/4 HP

Perfect Grind® STEALTH 1250 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1-1/4 HP

Click the button below to download our informational sheet comparing the Perfect Grind® STEALTH Waste Disposer to a leading competitor in the industry. Discover the multiple features that outperform the competition and all come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Maximize Under Sink Storage with Included STEALTHTRAP

Mountain Plumbing wants to make sure customers maximize their space savings under the kitchen sink so every STEALTH Disposer model includes a complementary STEALTHTRAP. This product directs the plumbing to that back of the cabinet when orientating the disposer discharge tube properly.

The kit includes everything needed to hook up a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sink and then connect to a garbage disposer.