Award Winning Peace of Mind During Freestanding Tub Installation

Tub Docking Station – 2022 Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association (DPHA) “Product of the Year” in the “H2O Delivery – Mechanical” Category

We are honored to receive this award and grateful for the opportunity to share the benefits of the Tub Docking Station. We here at Mountain Plumbing enjoy demonstrating how valuable it can be for freestanding bathtub installations. This product solves common issues that are associated with this task and makes life easier for the plumber, homeowner, and showroom. Now it’s time for you to discover what makes this product so special!

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Installing a freestanding tub the traditional way isn’t super complicated, but it is cumbersome and a lot can go wrong.

Please download our “Freestanding Tub Installation Comparison” sheet to learn more about the differences when using the Tub Docking Station from Mountain Plumbing Products!