Add a Touch of Flair to Your Kitchen Sink with Duet Finishes

Duet Finishes: Modern Design Flair For Your Kitchen Sink

Too often the kitchen sink accessories are an afterthought, or seen as utilitarian pieces to be added by the plumber. Mountain Plumbing takes pride in our attention to detail and providing kitchen sink accessories with the same high-end design as the faucet or sink itself. And now with the option of having Duet Finishes, you can make a statement and add a touch of flair when selecting your accessory faucet, sink strainer, and air switch.

The Duet Finish Collection from Mountain Plumbing highlights elements of your kitchen design to give a truly balanced and unique look. This product has a more modern style, yet can match with many designs. To add to and enhance the details of these finely crafted accessories and parts, the secondary finish makes the piece pop when set against the Matte Black background.

Four Color Combinations

Combining our modern Matte Black finish with four complementary colors (Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Champagne Bronze), specific details of each part stand out. These products make a statement to an often forgotten element of designing a kitchen. The uniqueness of the Duet Finish Collection is that it is truly custom. We do not inventory the Duet offered products in mass, rather we carefully assemble each product as it is ordered.

Diamond Knurling Accents

For the Francis Anthony MT1830 and MT1840 Series accessory faucets, there is also the option for intricate diamond knurling. This detail is added to both the faucet spout and handles which enhances the richness and depth to the design of the faucets. Knurling accents are becoming more common in modern classic environments and urban industrial spaces and are now available from Mountain Plumbing.

For more details on just adding the Diamond Knurling Accents to your accessory faucet, please DOWNLOAD KNURLING FLYER to learn more.

The Duet Finish option is also available for your bathroom design with the MT2000-2 Bottle Trap and MT5003L-NL Lever Angle Valve. For a complete list of all products available in the Duet Finish Collection, please visit the Duet Information page or download the Duet Brochure below:

Add Any of These Duet Finish Collection Products to the

Kitchen Sink Suite

Installation Packages


The basics needed to complete your Kitchen Sink. Additional upgrades available below.


Step beyond the basics by delivering fresh, purely filtered water for drinking and cooking.


Add to your cooking toolkit with instant hot water delivered directly to an accessory faucet.

Complete Chef

Combine purely filtered and instant hot water to create the ultimate kitchen sink suite.