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What Is “Coffee with Mountain”?

The purpose of “Coffee with Mountain” is to conduct a brief (10-15 minute) and personable virtual meeting to review our new Kitchen Sink Suite program. Our Regional Sales Managers will work with Territory Reps in scheduling meetings with showroom consultants/managers to conduct this meeting over Zoom. Each meeting will only include one showroom at a time; with multiple personnel from that showroom invited to be on the same Zoom meeting.

To show our appreciation, once the showroom consultant/manager has completed a virtual meeting we will mail them a $10 Starbucks® Gift Card for their participation. We thank you for your interest in “Coffee with Mountain” and look forward to demonstrating how our new Kitchen Sink Suite Installation Packages can facilitate more in-store sales and complete the purchase for your customers.

Kitchen Sink Suite

Installation Packages Full Brochure

Add to your cooking toolkit by combining purely filtered and instant hot water with a lifetime warranty garbage disposer to create the complete kitchen sink suite. Choose from 4 options: “Standard”, “Deluxe”, “Chef”, “Complete Chef” for the ultimate cooking experience in your home.

During Our Meeting

Our Regional Sales Managers and Territory Reps will be reaching out to our showroom partners to schedule a time for these virtual meetings. Once a time has been setup, you will join us to learn all about the Kitchen Sink Suite program. During the presentation, we will show you our introduction video, walk through the website sales page, and review the printed pamphlets that have been distributed. Please note that these handouts are also available electronically in your email invite or on our website.

In the virtual meeting, we also look forward to discussing our inspiration for creating these Kitchen Sink Suite Installation Packages. We’ll explain how our goal is to transform a utilitarian mindset to an experiential mindset – helping create an emotional need for these products as these packages set kitchens apart and meet the homeowner’s dreams. Our presentation will also explore what these packages mean for the showroom and the consultant. By offering these items together, we’ll prove that the showroom has the best interest of the homeowner in mind as they are mostly unaware of the components included these Kitchen Sink Suite packages.

Sergio Varela

Western Region Sales Manager

[email protected]

David Holbrook

Eastern Region Sales Manager

[email protected]

Locate a Product Representative

If your Showroom is interested in learning more about the Kitchen Sink Suite program and setting up a virtual meeting time, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Territory Rep. Please use the locator below to get their information or fill out the contact form to start the scheduling process today!

Mountain Plumbing has Product Representatives that serve the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, and The Caribbean.

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