NEW Video: “Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer – Installation Video”

Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer – Installation Video

Mountain Plumbing Products is excited to share the new installation video for our Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer!

This video presents the step by step instructions needed to install the disposer onto a kitchen sink. We guide you through the process from start to finish to supplement the instructional manual already provided. For this video demonstration we use the 3/4 horsepower MT-666 model, but the process will be more or less the same no matter which model you choose.

Use this as a resource and see how easy it is to install the Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer. If you have any further questions please refer to the instruction manual, contact our customer service department, or visit the resources section of our website. Thank you for watching our installation video and adding this Mountain Plumbing Products waste disposer to your kitchen!

Perfect Grind® Disposer Models MT555, MT666, & MT888 have been replaced by the new STEALTH Series Waste Disposers. Please CLICK HERE to learn more!