Make the Right Choice and Buy a ProSelect Disposer

With More Power and Higher Torque Models, ProSelect Disposers Are the Best Decision for Your Household

Mountain Plumbing’s ProSelect 1 and ProSelect 5 solve many of the problems that occur with typical waste disposers like sink clogs, inferior grinding capability, and taking up too much cabinet space. With that being the case, why would you buy an inferior product from a big box store? Prevent arguments in your home and learn more by reading the full comparison chart below.

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Perfect Grind® ProSelect 1 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1/3 HP

Perfect Grind® ProSelect 5 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1/2 HP

ProSelect Disposers feature a high RPM permanent magnet motor and are perfect for smaller kitchen applications with lower horsepower models and a more compact design.

Click the button below to download our informational sheet comparing the Perfect Grind® ProSelect Waste Disposer to a leading competitor in the industry. Discover the multiple features that outperform the competition and come with 3 or 5 Year Warranties!