Did You Know That There Are Multiple Design Styles for Your Kitchen Sink Strainer?

Mountain Plumbing Offers Multiple Options for This Often Overlooked Part of Your Kitchen Sink

You have just installed a new kitchen sink, but are not satisfied with the standard sink strainer that your plumber provided. Amazingly, Mountain Plumbing offers multiple designs of sink strainers with basket options depending on your exact needs and style preferences. Select designs with lift-out baskets, stemball strainers, and stoppers.

Additionally, a variety of both metal and plastic finishes are available to match virtually any type of sink. The metal finishes lend themselves more to metal sinks for a perfectly crisp, tied-together look. The plastic finishes are perfect for matching stone or composite sinks for a completely different feel with more colors.

Mountain Plumbing takes pride in our attention to detail and providing kitchen sink accessories with the same high-end design as the faucet or sink itself.

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Kitchen Sink Strainers & Disposer Trims

Multiple Options Available


Classic Stopper/Strainer Disposer Trim


Contemporary Stopper/Strainer Disposer Trim


Complete Stopper/Strainer Disposer Trim


Traditional Stopper/Strainer Disposer Trim


Classic Kitchen Sink Strainer


Contemporary Kitchen Sink Strainer-1


Lift-Out Kitchen Sink Strainer


Traditional Basket Kitchen Sink Strainer

Use these Products with Single and Double Bowl

Kitchen Sink Suite

Installation Packages


The basics needed to complete your Kitchen Sink. Additional upgrades available below.


Step beyond the basics by delivering fresh, purely filtered water for drinking and cooking.


Add to your cooking toolkit with instant hot water delivered directly to an accessory faucet.

Complete Chef

Combine purely filtered and instant hot water to create the ultimate kitchen sink suite.