Darling, I Want a ProSelect Disposer

Darling, I just can’t live in a house that doesn’t have a ProSelect Disposer.

Mountain Plumbing’s ProSelect waste disposers come with the same high-performance features of our other Perfect Grind® units, but in lower horsepower models and with a slimmer design. Designed to fit in areas where space is limited, this compact unit is ideal for all kitchens. But don’t let its size fool you, this disposer has more power and torque than the leading competition.

Both Models are In Stock and Ready to Ship!

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Perfect Grind® ProSelect 1 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1/3 HP

Perfect Grind® ProSelect 5 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1/2 HP

ProSelect Disposers feature a high RPM permanent magnet motor and are perfect for smaller kitchen applications with lower horsepower models and a more compact design.

Click the button below to download our informational sheet comparing the Perfect Grind® ProSelect Waste Disposer to a leading competitor in the industry. Discover the multiple features that outperform the competition and come with 3 or 5 Year Warranties!

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