Mountain Plumbing Fixture Planning Diagrams

Bathroom Sink

Add a Soap/Lotion Dispenser along with a Point-of-Use Faucet to complete your bathroom upgrade.


Connect your new Bidet the right way.

Freestanding Tub

Give the perfect finishing touch to your beautiful new freestanding tub.

Kitchen Sink

There's a lot to think about with a new Kitchen Sink, use this helpful guide to make sure you have included everything.

Pedestal Sink

Put your sink on a pedestal by complimenting it's elegant design with this helpful guide.

Prep Bar Sink

Be ready for every occasion with this useful guide to your new Prep Bar Sink.


Explore what else lies in store for Bathroom by adding these complimentary products to your Shower.


Compliment your Toilet with the right accessories, and don't forget the Wax Ring!


Get the even more out of your new Tub with the right parts and this guide.