Our MT666 and MT555 models join the MT888 waste disposer and now come with our Lifetime Warranty!

Permanent Magnet DC Motor
and Grinding System

The Perfect Grinding System

Perfect Grind System can efficiently grind the toughest bones faster and finer than any other brand food waste disposer in the market and is safe for any properly sized septic system. Wear resistant and corrosion proof...makes our disposer the plumber’s choice.

Corrosion Proof Grinding Chamber

Grind chamber is constructed with the proven durability of glass lled nylon for lasting performance and is treated with BioGuard Antimicrobial Odor Protection.

BioGuard Protection

Our garbage disposers use BioGuard Antimicrobial treatments for odor protection. Disposers can start to stink as food and beverage flow through it over time. Using BioGuard technology to fight the bacteria that cause odors, we keep your disposer smelling clean.

3-Bolt Mount Models


1-1/4 HP | Lifetime Warranty


3/4 HP | Lifetime Warranty


5/8 HP | Lifetime Warranty


1/2 HP | 3 Year Limited Warranty


1/3 HP | 3 Year Limited Warranty

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